1.Who can become a member?
a. Anyone who is single.
b. You should not be in the middle of a divorce.
c. You should not be just separated. You should be legally single.
d. Your wife doesn’t understand you or your husband doesn’t care DOES NOT amount to being single!
e. Person who belongs to Sanatan Hinduism

2.How do I become a member?
Click on “Register” tab on the home page.
Fill your information and create your account.
Upload your valid documents and get access to search your loved one.

3. Can I create an account on behalf of my relative/friend?
Yes, but make sure you are authorized to do so by that person.

4. Will I get approved instantly?
No. Your profile will be checked and you will even get a verification call before your profile is approved. We want “your kind of people” on the site so we are a little careful.

5. Can I get call for OTP verification?
NO, we never call for your OTP, PIN, CVV and other bank details. We only call to verify the information you have filled in your registration form. OTP is automatically generated and used by you only for verification of your mobile or email while creating your account.

6. Why is the form longer than other sites?
Because there are no “quick fixes”. If a person is looking for someone diligently and seriously, he/she will take the time to fill out every aspect of the form and showcase themselves in the best and most honest way possible so that their chances of finding “the one” are REAL.

7. Can I meet my favourite match/member outside?
This is your sole decision. But before meeting, verify that person from every angle and take any of your relatives along with you.

8. Is the site free?
Yes. It’s got a set of FREE features and a set of PAID features. You can check the subscription plans for details

9. Is this site safe?
While we will do our part in the verification, it should be noted that nothing can be completely secure (regardless of what any website in the world tells you). Also we can never vouch for anyone’s intent or character. Hence, it is recommended to cross verify before relying on any profile. Do read our Privacy Policy for more information.

10. About Mediator
We provide the facility to assign mediators who have limited access to member's profiles. Mediator also find matches according to your needs. The mediator assists and guides the parties toward their own resolution. The mediator does not assure the outcome, but helps the parties understand and focus on the important factors needed to reach a conclusion.

It is your own choice to assign a moderator. The company will not interfere with or involve any member and moderator relationship.